Apple iPhone 4S Versus HTC One X Features Comparison

If you are having a hard time choosing between an iPhone 4S and an HTC One X, then the iPhone 4S may prove to be a better features. Here’s a list of the 8 features that Apple iPhone 4S 64GB has and HTC One X does not.

Physical appearance

There is considerable difference in the cosmetic appearance of the Apple iPhone 4S and the HTC One X. A single glance is enough to make out that the iPhone 4S is more compact that the One X.

The iPhone 4S is much narrow when compared with the HTC One X. At 58.6mm it is 11.3mm narrower than the 69.9mm HTC One X. This makes the iPhone 4S more pocketable and easy to grip, than the HTC One X.


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The iPhone 4S is along much shorter than the HTC One X. The HTC One X is 134.36mm, while the Apple iPhone 4S is just 115.2mm. There is a difference of 19.16mm between the two.

Coming to the total body volume of the two devices, the Apple has 28% lesser body volume than the HTC One X. While the body volume of the HTC One X is 84.4 cubic cm, that of iPhone 4S is 60.6 cubic cm.

Operating system

The number of apps that are available in the Apple AppStore are 7% more than the apps that you can get at the Android app store. Thus, you are open to a larger variety of apps in case you are using the iPhone 4S.

In case of the iPhone, each time there is an update in the operating system, you will receive it straight away from the vendor, while you have to wait for the service provider to update you in case you are using the HTC One X which is an Android based handset.


The internal storage capacity of the iPhone 4S is way stronger than what HTC One X has. While the iPhone 4S provides you with an internal storage capacity of 64GB, there is just 32GB that is provided by HTC One X, which means that you may have to compromise on some of the files that you will like to have on your handset.


The Apple iPhone 4S has a dedicated camera button and thus, you do not need to go to the menu, open it and then find your way to the camera. You simple need to press the camera button and the camera is ready
for use. This button is absent in the HTC One X.


The iPhone 4S has a pixel density of 326ppi whereas the HTC One X has a pixel density of 313ppi. This means that the iPhone 4s has a pixel density greater by 5%. Hence, crisper visuals.

These are the 8 features that the Apple iPhone 4S 64GB has and HTC One X 32GB does not. Go for the iPhone 4S rather than the One X as it is clearly a better choice for a handset at present.


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