Concur Solutions Login for Travel Expense Reimbursement

Concur solutions login can manage your travel and expense policy well

If  you are working in organization where Concur Solutions is the tool to manage the travel expense reimbursement for all the employees, then you have landed to the right post. Today i am going to give you the basic idea “how to use concur” via web Concur Solutions login. Although the travel and expenses policy differ from company to company but the process to claim travel & expenses with Concur Solutions remains the same. Depending upon business type and level of employee the expense approval process may vary.

How to use concur website?

Step 1: Log in concur using this url:

Enter your account credentials (as provided by your company)
Step 2 : You will be redirected to this page : this is the page where you create new expense reports view old reports and check the status of yourtravel expense reimbursement.


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Step 3: If you want to submit new claim, then you need to click on new expense report. The below mention form will be displayed, where you have to submit basic details about reimbursement you are seeking.

Report Name :  It is upto you what entry you want to make, but depending upon the type of tour, enter appropriate and clear details. example – Business Visit to London,  Support Visit to Company etc.

Policy : You need not to touch this field as this details would be mapped automatically for you by your company.

Business Purpose :  Short Description about your purpose of visit.

Report Type : Match as per your business need.

Company Code, Cost Object Type, Cost Object, Vendor Name : Automatically mapped by your company

Step 4: Next screen will give you various options, depending upon your type of visit/tour and travel and expenses policy of your company, you pick up items from the right hand side (example : fuel, Bus, Per Diem depending upon your eligibility)

Fuel :  if your company pays you for fuel consumed for business visit, pick this one.

Bus/Taxi :  fill the bus taxi reimbursement here.

Step 5: My tour type is Business visit to London, so as per my company’s travel and expenses policy, i am eligible for reimbursement of fuel, bus/taxi charges and per diem ( DA per day basis).

Enter details as suggested as per your company policy.

Step 6: Before saving or submitting report you have to attach receipt to new expense report you have created. With each travel & expenses entry you made you need to attach scanned copy of supporting documents in form of receipts.

Click on Attach Receipt tab and you will be displayed with pop up window asking you to browse your files. The maximum file limit should be 5 MB and should be in format mentioned in the window.

You can take pictures of receipts from smartphone and attach receipts of expense without the need of scanning.  The concur blog has many related readings for your easy understanding.

After attaching receipts, you will be displayed with total amount and total requested on the left hand side which are the same things. Next you have to submit this report for further clearance.

Expense Approval Process

This is automatically mapped by your Company as per your reporting hierarchy, the travel expense reimbursement will first go to your reporting manager followed by responsible HR head and finally for accounting review.


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