7 Free Premium Under Construction WordPress Themes

Last Edition of the blog was all about premium wordpress travel theme that gives the quick idea about how should be your travel blog theme , So you are all set to launch your  business online, you have marketed your product well and people are eagerly waiting to see your product and so as the blog/site live, but i guess beside all things you are still not ready for launch, may be something is lacking in design front or might be possible you have not planned about technical feasibility, since your users as called as future customers are hitting your website each and every day and all they get is a blank page or ugly page that simple tells that the site is under construction. One should avoid such placements, today the way people deal with things online has changed and so as the mindset, all you need to do is – keep your work undergoing while still connected with those who are visiting your site. So how can you do this? The answer is pretty simple, The first and foremost step is to install the wordpress blog which will take near about 10 minutes to get configured and install any one under construction wordpress theme from below list.


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Anticipate is the first theme to come up with under construction idea, you might have seen this page(check image) on many blogs that are still in launching phase, brought to you by elegant themes this theme will cost you 39$ although you can get some discount if you buy through affiliate links or through discount coupon, but the price at which this theme is sold is worth buying, not only that you get the access to 50 themes including anticipate at given price.

The theme is clean,simple and looks beautiful. You get progress bar that increases with the launch date coming near, i.e if you have decided the launch date to be 2 months from today, the progress bar will eventually seen increasing as the day passes. Middle of the section is pages that are grouped in slider which you can update change from wordpress admin section, this section helps your users to know about your updated status, you can also tell me them about various things you are working on here using multiple pages. Connectivity to popular social media platform is just placed in footer along with subscription form to quickly grab the email ids of all the people who are willing to buy your product/services.

Placeholder – Free

Free under cosntruction type of theme from woothemes, the one page theme has everything that need to keep your visitor informed, a middle section to put the message , followed by social media profiles and a subscription box, the page also has the launch date described in date,month,days,minutes format.

Elemis – 6$

Elemis via ThemeForest, is another beautiful under construction them that is designed keeping lifestyle and entertainment segment in mind, necessarily not and can be applied to anyone, the features and everything is same as Anticipate and Placeholder only drawback is there isnt much to write text on page.

Ice Breaker – Free

The theme has 4 different backgrounds and and some basic social media connectivity with subscription, in case you dont want to write in detail this free theme is for you.

WP Launcher – Free Theme

One of classic under construction theme is WP Launcher, free to download and has much features similar to above themes. Check out the demo to have a feel.

Under Construction – Free Theme by Delicious

Another masterpiece in under construction type of themes category is brought to you by delicious, they are know in wordpress theme segment because of their professional design and conceptual work, the free under construction theme is something that reflects their identity.

The Theme has everything that we have discussed above along with beautifully placed email id and phone number at top and sidebar for further page reading.

BeBack Free Theme by WordsPop

One of my favorite under construction theme is beback, very well designed beautifully presented this theme gives an appeal of something good to be coming out in future.

These are the 7 free and premium wordpress themes that focuses entirely on websites that need to beautify their under construction page. Try one and please your visitors.


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