How to Make Social Networking Site Like Facebook For free?

Social Networking sites are new buzz in internet world, but what if you are looking to create one for your new venture or can say for your local community which can be either school,college or regional one. Although there exists scripts that are available for sale through which one can setup his own social networking site like facebook , google plus right away, but these ways are pretty costly and one has to shed more money into it.

The other traditional method to get awesome good looking social networking type of sites is to outsource the work to design company or hiring online freelancer to get the job done, both of the methods involve money,time and planning.

With the advent of open source and with growing number of users in community today there exists scripts which you can easily modify to get the job done. It does not matter what you want design on it and what knowledge you have. All you need is time to understand the hierarchy of package and shoot.

I see many social networking sites these days designed in drupal,joomla,wordpress and other open source platforms. So In today’s edition our main concern is to tell you how you can have your own social networking site design without spending single penny.


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Phpfox – Social Network Community

One of the best social networking script i have ever seen, if you are one who is looking for all in all type of social networking scripts that resembles with facebook in many regards then this script is for you, just see the demo of this wonderful script and i am sure you will not regret for the time spent.

E Friends Script

Another facebook type of clone script which offers a community and social sharing features, one can easily observe each of those feature which are found in popular social networking site.

BlueBox Php Facebook Clone

This is exact point to point copy of facebook, whether talking about look and feel or feature, this is the perfect facebook clone in totality.


Another wonderful social networking script written in php/mysql that has been awarded as best script in year 2007, with impressing features like shout and other associated features which are commonly seen in facebook, this script is worth giving a try.


For the one who are wordpress fanatic and serious wordpress users who are continuously looking for social networking type of script in wordpress environment then this script solves every purpose of your requirement, design in wordpress platform this script comes with membership features and many other advanced features which makes it perfect choice for any budding social media script requirement.


Joomla has proved its worth over the years and had come out to be as one of the most popular platform for designing customized web based services,applications. With growing number of users and extensions database, today the joomla has everything under one roof, whether you want to design a beautiful website or a membership based site or a community portal with advance features, joomla has got everything, so as this extension cum component cum package “JomSocial” that makes any joomla installation a complete social networking community portal.

Although there exists thousands of other ways to kick start designing a social networking sites, whether you just want to install it for your experiments or you are looking for thinking of creating something out of the box keeping the principles and platform same, then these scripts are definitely going to help you out. Let us know if you know any other scripts which are similar in nature.


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